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Tuning for a 3in maf housing.

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This may have been covered before and I have seached but I cant seem to find any numbers. I have a custom built 3in maf housing that I want to put on my truck to I can get the baby stock maf housing out of my custom intake. Does anyone have bigger maf housings and how much fuel did you add to re scale for it?
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Well I guess when I get this figured out I will post it up here so if other people could use the information
If you setup the correct histograms and log the correct parameters it will damn near tune its self
Most the histograms you can find on the HpTuners forum as well. I'm pretty sure I just set-up my LC-1 to log directly into my config I got off there and the histo's automatically recognized it.
Yea what Cory said, unless your adding a power adder, switching to a bigger pipe isn't going to change the air flow so much that the computer can compensate for itself

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you mite look at the RAF table on HPTuners
you mite look at the RAF table on HPTuners
That's not going to help maf calibration
Cory, I was told if i install the 90mm TB and 4" air tubing from a LS3
Camaro that i should use the MAF that also goes with it. does that sound right ?
they said i would not need to make any changes to the PCM if i used that MAF.
it's calibrated for the larger setup.
I've never swapped something like that so its hard to say.

Any reason you are swapping mafs?
No even if the scales are close there will still be some off places, it is best to dial it in as perfect as possible. Will it run, Yes will it be optimal No.

From what I found the IAT will be off some, as well as airflow mis-readings the higher you rev it.
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