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Hello, long time troller, first time poster!
I have a 2007 single cab work truck that is basically a sloppy mechanics Colorado clone. Since my motor came with the harness, ecm, and tcm i wired it up in standalone, I spliced into the factory wiring for the gas pedal but other than that im not using the stock wiring.

Here is my question.

1. When I turn the key to run the headlights, turn signals, dash work as expected (the dash lights up like a christmas tree, ABS, fuel, brake, etc) but after driving for a while the turn signals stop working. Does anyone know where i could start to look so I have turn signals, I can manually turn the lights on but cant change to the high beams?

2. The blower motor for the heat also doesnt work, is it possible the BCM is not happy because there is not a ECM to talk to it and this is why im having these issues?

When it warms up I will have to post some videos of this thing at the track, so far it rips on only 5lbs of boost.

2008 4.8L out of an Express Van
Borg Warner S475
Elgin 1840P (Sloppy Stage 2)
Pac 1218 springs
DIY standalone wiring harness
Learing to tune with HP tuners
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