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TXSM 2K15 Award thread!

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alright lets get this going early so i can get them lined up!

We are gonna have:

Best of Show
Made by: alan (Undead Rado)

Made by: chris (cdk)

Made by: Tim on fb.

Long Haul
Made by: Aaron (Lone Star Blaze)

Best Interior
Made by:

Most Modifications
Made by: Jay (DecoyJay)

Under Construction
Made by: Aaron (Lone Star Blaze)

Best Non-355
Made by: Alex (hotrado)

And a special not to be named yet award (PM for details if you wanna make this one)
Made by: Kathleen (big_block_dragon)

Lets get those names up and going! I will have some large Texas wood cut outs painted and the award names written on them and they will be used each year if i can get them finished and looking good for years to come!

So PM me if you want to make an award. if youre not sure what the award entails PM me and we can talk about each one.

Also i would like them to be that award but with a different name if that makes any sense.

EX: highest "how do i get down from here" BOS "Texas' Purdiest truck" so on and so forth.

and if you cant come up with an alternative name thats cool too.
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The only thing I will add is if they use different language that it has to be clean. We had some a few years back that the mods werent too crazy about. I may be able to do one, I'm going to wait to commit because work just got crazy busy for the next few months at least
Yes. I agree on that
I'll approve to name as long as it's good. If i think it's a little too raunchy it won't be used
I want to do one. I just don't know which one.
Close your eyes move the mouse really fast then stop it and see which award it lands on. Lol
ok ill bite,,,, I will make Best Non 355 award lol
Bumpity bump bump
Bumpity bump bump
Bumpity bump bump
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Bump....I dont have this kind of talent or I would help out
I have one for lowest. I completely forgot who was doing it. So it's just best interior and best of show left.
I guess best of show, what I'm working on doesn't really fit interior
Ok. Sorry. I fell behind on keeping up the list.
Bumpity bump bump
Bumpity bump bump
One month out!
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