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Uncanny build thread (5 speed swap DONE)

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I figured I might as well go ahead an make a single thread for my posts to keep track of things. I will be doing a lot of updating to this thread when I get a chance but for now a few pics

Mods list ( too short lol) current
5 speed swap
Supermod big 3 upgrade
Supermod electric fan
Supermod ptb
Pioneer double Din head unit
300 watt jenson amp and a lanzar shallow mount sub
Sueded sun visors
Resonator delete
Jtr style airbox inlet
Gentex auto dimming mirror
jtr low profile xmember
jtr 3" drop blocks 3° pinion shims
Qa1 coilovers with stock coils cranked down 3"
Isuzu Dana 44 rear axle. 4:10 gears, limited slip, and disk brakes
Aluminum drive shaft.
Supermodulation mail order h3 tune
Escalade 18" wheels.
245/55/18 Goodyear Eagle rsa + tires
Eagle eyes black led tails
A.R.E tonneau cover

Mods to be hopefully
possible notch & link the Isuzu rear under my truck
LED interior via the captain
Gut mani cat
Full heim steering upgrade

How the truck looks now ill upload older pics in a bit have to find them

the day i got it Aug 25 2011


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Re: Uncanny build thread (5 speed swap is on!!!!)

So she is running good. Feels much stroner as a 5 speed.

I messed up the case relearn I did the other day so i have to redo that. I plugged in the other bcm to correct milage which brought them up to my previous miles but its not counting so i guess I need to use my old bcm. She has fresh valvoline in the crank case. Fresh severe gear in the trans. I found a clicking noise while turning left cause by the driveshaft bumping into the bent gas tank shield.

Still on the list is reinstall my system, rerun the wires for my gentex mirror, and reinstall all the interior panels.

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IF I remember correctly, if the odometer shows more mileage than the BCM, it will not count until they match up.

If you install a cluster to a bcm with more miles than the odometer it will update to the higher mileage...

Something to do with the odometer not showing less miles than on the vehicle.
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