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2005 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 Reg cab
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Appears the front was overly cranked(has 2 in keys, diff drop, and ball joint spacers for the front) and rear leafs were replaced as well(previous set was worn) with stock leafs and an add a leaf, which didnt give it lift. However; I care more about functionality for the leaves(I can always get a longer shackle). I let laws of physics help with settling for now. I need to bring it back to the shop anyways to have them take the front down 1 inch, as well as put the skid plate back on(they forgot to do that). Measurements for the front were about 25" fender lip to ctr of hub and the rear was 23" So needless to say the fron needs to come down 1 inch and the rear vice versa.


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