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V8 Canyon Overland Build

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Decided to use my 2010 V8 Canyon Z71 as the base for an overland vehicle build. This will be a long-term, multi-year project. The first mod was a Super Skidz skid plate courtesy of WV NATIVE .

Next was a snorkel (again, thanks to WV NATIVE for the link) since I will be honing my off-roading skills on the trails in Central Florida and some of the mud holes can have rather deep standing water, especially in the summer.

I have an off-road front bumper kit from Move Bumpers on order (due to arrive next week) and that will allow me to mount this, which I took advantage of a 20% off deal to snag a couple of weeks ago:

Next in the plans will be the MAXXCam JR and MAXXShackle kits from Suspension MAXX for a 3" front and 2.5" rear lift to level the truck. With some judicious trimming, this should allow me to run 33" BFG KM3 Mud-Terrain's. Probably will install some Rancho shocks at that time since the truck is due for new shocks. I am also about to start searching for that legendary unicorn, the Hummer H3 iron front differential. This will allow me to move forward with plans for ARB air lockers in front and rear. For $80 I snagged a ladder rack off Craigslist that was installed on an F150. With some cutting and welding I can shorten and modify it to fit the Canyon. This will allow mounting a rooftop tent. Storage solutions and many other mods are in the plans, I will post updates here for any interested.
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I am also about to start searching for that legendary unicorn, the Hummer H3 iron front differential.
It took me about 6 months of hunting to find one. Good luck sir.
I would greatly appreciate any tips you could give me for locating one. I tried the search function on the LKQ website but it was worthless. Any idea what RPO codes to look for on an H3?
Not sure. I called LKQ locations and had people simply provide pictures so I could see for sure if it was a cast iron from differential.

Not sure if this helps.....
I am leaning towards picking up this welder from Harbor Freight Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder and learning to weld.
I don't want to overstep my bounds but I'd recommend a 220 volt machine. If you're going to buy one machine you will not regret the added amps.

I think those Move Bumpers that are rated for a winch have 1/4" plate for the winch mount. I'm sure you could burn in 1/4" steel with a 110 volt Mig but it would be at the top end of it's abilities for sure.
I will either have to leave it engaged or cut the lever down in size.
I'd definitely cut down the lever if that were the two options I had.
I think I would have the fab shop modify the bumper for the lever to fit. Not going to do much cutting down of that small lever on the APEX. Wondering why the lever won't fit, but the control box does? Sounds like it needs more research to me. Just my two cents though.
A lot of truth here.
I already knew the Apex was going to be a tight fit.
If it's too tight for the clutch lever to swing will your hand fit in enough to turn it?
Grab a picture when you pick it up. Curious how it looks in the raw.

I started a winch project this week myself.😉 I scrounged a few pieces of 1/4” plate to build a frame mount.
Wood Rectangle Floor Line Bumper
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That's a no joke bumper! I want to see more pictures from every angle.

As you know there aren't alot of winch bumper options for us so it's good to see what's out there.
There is one in eBay right now at the about average price of $765.
I saw they wanted $150 shipping as well. A guy would be near $1k before a rebuild and locker. I bet it would be roughly $2k to get it in the truck.

Anybody that puts $2k in a Colorado front ifs differential has more money than sense. 😏

A guy could get a good jump on a SAS for that price. Way more return for the money.
Did the H3's have a solid rear axle like the 355's?
Yeah. They got disc brakes as well.

Pretty sure they have 30 spline shafts.
So based on the pic, that is a front differential, despite the description calling it a rear differential.....
That’s 100% a front H3 differential.

It’s kinda hard to tell if it’s cast iron though.

The cast pumpkins are black while the aluminum ones are silver.
I don't really want to go the SAS route. I will be driving the truck long distances both on and off road.
A properly set up SAS will ride just as good or better than our weak ifs.

Unfortunately the 1st Generation trucks have a lot to be desired when building a reliable off road camping vehicle.
That bumper turned out nice. Looking forward to seeing it painted.
I’d like to know the final weight of the bumper with everything installed. That bumper is a beast!
reinstalled in time for the Overland Expo Southeast this weekend.....
Be careful at those Expos. They sell everything and most of the stuff isn’t needed. Be prepared for a crowded camping experience.
We are just going for fun and to attend some of the seminars. With all I have spent on my truck lately, the funds are depleted at the moment so no danger of buying stuff we don't need
I hear ya. I just dropped nearly $2k on my truck this month. I'm building everything myself and it's still costing too much.

What seminars are you going to attend?
The bumper with lights and winch weighs in at 205 lbs.
I thought it would be more. That's still pretty heavy though.

Did you notice and change in your front ride height?

Can you feel the extra front end weight?
I wish my place was that flat. They don’t exist in WV. 😆
Man I hate living so far away. You guys have an open invitation to camp the Mountain State anytime!

I’ll be your personal tour guide.😛
I think my only option is the ARB air locker unless I want to do an axle swap.....which I don't....
OX Locker for the win!

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