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V8 Canyon Overland Build

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Decided to use my 2010 V8 Canyon Z71 as the base for an overland vehicle build. This will be a long-term, multi-year project. The first mod was a Super Skidz skid plate courtesy of WV NATIVE .

Next was a snorkel (again, thanks to WV NATIVE for the link) since I will be honing my off-roading skills on the trails in Central Florida and some of the mud holes can have rather deep standing water, especially in the summer.

I have an off-road front bumper kit from Move Bumpers on order (due to arrive next week) and that will allow me to mount this, which I took advantage of a 20% off deal to snag a couple of weeks ago:

Next in the plans will be the MAXXCam JR and MAXXShackle kits from Suspension MAXX for a 3" front and 2.5" rear lift to level the truck. With some judicious trimming, this should allow me to run 33" BFG KM3 Mud-Terrain's. Probably will install some Rancho shocks at that time since the truck is due for new shocks. I am also about to start searching for that legendary unicorn, the Hummer H3 iron front differential. This will allow me to move forward with plans for ARB air lockers in front and rear. For $80 I snagged a ladder rack off Craigslist that was installed on an F150. With some cutting and welding I can shorten and modify it to fit the Canyon. This will allow mounting a rooftop tent. Storage solutions and many other mods are in the plans, I will post updates here for any interested.
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I think I would have the fab shop modify the bumper for the lever to fit. Not going to do much cutting down of that small lever on the APEX. Wondering why the lever won't fit, but the control box does? Sounds like it needs more research to me. Just my two cents though.
Like the bumper. I would love that without the brush guard. Been looking at a move bumper. Thanks for all the pictures.
The primer and Raptor liner showed up so tomorrow is paint and reassemble day. The chrome laminate was bubbling on the grille, so I stripped that off. I will paint it with Raptor liner to match the bumper.
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I trimmed the free-spool lever on the winch so that I can turn's more like a nub than a handle now but still turns easily. Once I have everything painted and the winch installed I will put the entire assembly on a scale before reinstalling it. I am guessing it will come in at a little over 200 lbs.
What method did you use to strip the chrome off the grille?
Hey. Because I know you guys are down that way, we are having the Central Florida Super Meet at Wickham park in Melbourne the 10th of April if you want to come. Find the CFSM FB page or friend me on FB, and I can send you an invite.
I already got the info, I am going to try to make it.
Nice. I want to see that Bumper in person.
Any chance you will make it to the ONF ride this Saturday? We will be there.
No. I cannot make it. I would like too but too much on my plate right now.
I wish I had that kind of work space. I have a dirt floor car port.! Nice shop!
Looking Good!
Got the truck on the lift for the first time, but don't get too excited, it was just an oil change and tire rotation. :LOL:
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Then took it out for a day of fun at the Citrus WMA in the Withlacoochee state forest. We were the lone GMC in a herd of Jeeps. Mud holes ate 2-1/2 Jeeps and a Blazer ZR2, but not the Canyon.......but then I was smart enough to stay out of the mud holes that ate the Jeeps. :ROFLMAO: Didn't have a problem with the mud hole that ate the ZR2.
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Trail Stompers ride?
I am hosting a ride in the Tate's Hell State Forest in September if you can come up. Plenty of camping and places to stay within an hour of the place. There is an event on the FTS page.
I was looking at that when the event page first popped up. I was discussing it with my wife but her concern with the camping was the campsites being too close together and having a smoker or two at an adjoining site. She is very sensitive to cigarette smoke, as is my daughter. We may look at staying in a nearby hotel, but at first glance it appears that dining options in the nearby town are very limited. Tallahassee would be a better option in that regard. What time of day are you planning the trail rides?
Most of the sites are apart from the others by at least 10 or 15 yards. Unless you are over in the tent only area. There are also several other campsites within 5 minutes of the womack creek camp ground. That are single sites. You should look at the Tate's hell map. There is camping everywhere in that place. many by themselves and with 15 minutes of womack creek.
Just booked Loop Road campsite #28 near Womack Creek campground. Will see you there!
You will love that site, Did you see the date change? It was interfering with Krawlin for the Fallen, so we moved it to the 24-26. Bryan Stinson is coming, Red V8 from Atlanta that was at CSFM. He is staying at my house.
Yep, I saw the date change before I booked. I booked the nights of the 24th and 25th.
Bryan has a red lifted V8 Z71, correct? I normally am the only 355 in a herd of Jeeps. At least this time we will make a showing.
Yes. 2 V8 trucks and my 5 cylinder. I will have my Dana 44 out of the Rodeo in the truck by then. That will probably be my first trip out to really test it, depending on how wet it is. Looking forward to it!
Are you putting a locker in the Dana 44? When do you expect to have your 4wd conversion completed?
Yes, Aussie locker in it. Whole project time line is 2 years from this past April. I have collected some of the parts already. I have a transfer case and front coil springs already.
I looked at the Aussie locker but they do not make one for the GM 10 bolt. I think my only option is the ARB air locker unless I want to do an axle swap.....which I don't....
The OX is an option, along with these,





And pretty sure that Yukon makes a locker for that rear end also.
But then we come back to the only locker that I know of that is available for the H3 front diff is the I might as well use that for both.
I am checking that also, just had to do some work today.
I didn't realize there were so few options for the Hummer front Locker. One reason I am going SAS.
35's will fit on a 3" lift with a stock wheel with some cutting and they will rub the body mount and the sway bar. My suggestion is save for the four inch lift, Skyjacker or Tuff Country, or do the 3"inch plus the 3" body lift, if you do not want to have to do some extreme trimming around the front wheel wells. Even with my 32's I had to trim, and I still rub in off camber positions with 2.75 on SMaxx keys and skyjacker springs with a 1.25 inch body lift. Just my two cents. I could crank some more and not rub, but it rides way worse and it then has that "Cali Lean" which I hate.
With my new bumper I will not have to cut in the front. I expect to have to trim the body mount, the main one that I expect to have to overcome is the sway bar. I want to avoid a body lift at all costs.
With 35's the Body, inner fender liner and the lower part of the fender flare at the back of the front wheel wells comes into play. Not just the body mounts. There is a whole lot more to it than just that body mount at the rear of the front fender well. Been there and done that with 32's. 3 inches is not nearly as much room in that square wheel well as you think. I have seen guys on 33/10.50/15 tires on stock wheels, 2004-2006 models, have to trim that back of the fender well and the front bumper valence to stop the rubbing. I have the crank, and 1.25 inches body lift on 32's and I still rub. I rubbed on stock 2005 wheels, and I have rubbed on all my aftermarket wheels. Just the nature of the way these trucks are built. 1.5 inch body lifts are nothing. Can be done in the driveway in an hour hour and a half. They do not change the truck enough to notice or to effectively change any characteristics.
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