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Hey guys,

I don't post much on here but I am seeking your expertise on V8 swaps.

I was thinking of running an L33 and having CPwire make a harness for me but I figured that would be to expensive for me so I then thought of running an LH9 from the 2010-2012 Colorados/Canyons and get the harness and computer with it so it's pretty much just plug and play. After searching for one, the wrecker who has one is asking a fortune for it so I began thinking again. So here's my questions:

Could I pick up an L33 and its computer and use an LH8/LH9 harness to run it? Would the harness plug into the L33 computer? Could I also just buy the engine then use the LH8/LH9 harness and computer to run it, possibly having to reprogram the computer for a Gen III LS engine?

I remember reading that tahitiansoul used an LH8 (or LH9 harness, I can't remember) to run an LM7 in his swap. Would I be able to do something similar? I would like to avoid having to swap out the 24x reluctor wheel for a 58x though...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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