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Vacuum Lines

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Just wondering how some of you guys are running your vacuum lines in boosted applications. So far this is what I got. The wastegate is on the compressor or as close as possible. The BOV is on the intake manifold. The fuel pressure regulator is close to the throttle body. And the PCV is preturbo on the intake tube. Anyone running anything different or have some recommendations? I am new to boost and still trying to grasp the concept. Some info on my setup. I will be running 8-10 psi on the wastegate spring and using an intercooler. I will be also running E85. If you need anymore info, just ask.
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Yep.check valve on the pcv suction line if it's still routed to the intake manifold
I was thinking of tying the two ports on the valve cover, then to the catch can. And the catch can to the preturbo.
Anyone have any pics to better explain how to route the vacuum lines. Im a lil confused as I cant make a mental image.
If I have time tonight I will see if I can get a couple pictures.
Greatly appreciate it if you can. I would like to see how you have your catch can setup too
Ok I got this I was just making it over complicated lol. What size vacuum lines are needed?
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