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Want a clean look for your bed?

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I have to say this is awesome. I bought a BedRug from a man in NC for $40. Looks brand new! The cheapest I found was $289 on . If you want a super clean look for your bed then this is the way to go. Just now time to buy a hard fold tonneau cover for it :naughty:


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Nice. Just put one in my truck this summer. I love it.
Mine is filled with dents, dings and lots of scratches
$40! Wish I stumbled across a deal like that. Congrats!
If the woman knows about the existence of this bedrug thing, shit she will force me to install it in their truck right away! currently with the undercover tonneau cover she use the bed as a car trunk
Rich, where did you get the power for your bed lights and how did you get into the bed?
I ran a line from the battery to the bed and came in through the driver's side taillight. This 12v constant also feeds my backup cam and tailgate lock.
There's a BedRug identical to mine on the Pittsburgh Craigslist for $25 if anyone wants to steal that one

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There's a BedRug identical to mine on the Pittsburgh Craigslist for $25 if anyone wants to steal that one

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Me I want it!
Bed Carpet for Short Bed Truck! NICE
Here's the link for it. That's even cheaper than I got mine. I would be going for it but I've already got mine
That one is probably that cheap because it looks filthy from what I can see.
I found one of those GM Chevy Logo Bed Rugs local on Craigslist a few months ago for 75 bucks and it was brand new with the Velcro bag kit.

They work great as the foam backing evens out the reinforcement ribs of the bed for an ultra smooth surface. :)
I so wish that they made those for my truck!
I even called BudRug directly and asked if any other model would work. Got promptly shot down....And all I really want is the bed mat. dammit.
I have a similar one from Agricover, but it's just for the bottom, no sides or wheel well pieces. Got it for free from doing a review for them.
That bed rug looks "Shagalicious!" Nice bargain and sweet upgrade for the ride.
Bought my Bedrug at the same time as my Snugtop tonneau a few weeks after I took delivery of my truck in '05.

The guy who invented Bedrug must surely be pretty well-off and he deserves to be.
Damn smart idea! Couldn't live without mine.
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