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My Nation,

I am going to be swapping out my stock z85 suspension this weekend with a guy for his zq8 stock suspension (Struts, coils, and leafs) and I will need to replace my DJM U-Bolts while im at it. This is happening Saturday.

Autozone has tons of U-Bolts and I am in Tampa so i am sure I can find some tonight.. But what do I need? What do I need to ask for? I obviously cannot take one into the store with me since they are on the truck...... I did some searching and couldnt find a direct answer. I am super busy with work and dont really have the time to keep looking. I am hoping someone can help me out. If I need to get them made; thats cool too. Where do I need to go for that, a machine shop? What do I need to ask for?

Thanks in advance guys! :drinking28:

I will be getting my truck notched in just a few weeks, so it will be a bumpy ride until then.........

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What you could do is see if you have a local semi leaf spring shop around and they can make them for you. I paid $21 for a set of u bolts for 4 inch blocks and i waited 20 minutes for them to bend them for me.
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