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What's this thing in my headliner?

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Sorry if this has been posted, but I'm pondering installing a blazer overhead console and I'm wondering what this round vented thing is between my visors. (I was thinking onstar mic?)


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Yep, that's what it is. I eliminated it when I installed my console. The console covered the hole.
Yup, thats it
Is there any reason to keep it if I dont have an onstar subscription?
On star can be used in an emergency even without a subscription.
The red Onstar emergency button works even without a subscription.
A working On-Star could be selling point when the time comes. If you do decide to remove it, tuck it away somewhere safe so that it can be made functional again is needed.
I plan on putting tweeters in the console so maybe I'll just relocate the onstar as onto it as well.

Thanks gang!
If you have bluetooth, it would be for phone calls as well. I was going to do an overhead console, but never found one that I liked enough to modify it to fit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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