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What's up from Canton, Ohio

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Name's Steve Stoner. @mr_stonr I have a Victory Red '05 Colorado LS ZQ8 Xtreme 2.8 5 speed. Unfortunately without the Xtreme wheels (previous owner). No actual mods yet. Just Wheel Spacers for the rear tires. Looking for a Turbo or V8 swap when the truck is paid off.:salute:
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Welcome!!! Glad to see ya on here now!
Thanks Guys! I've been on for a few months just haven't gotten around to finishing up my profile.

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welcome from the Dayton area, you should be able to find a set of extreme wheels since they put them on the ZQ8s in the later years
I've been keeping an eye out. I found ONE Extreme wheel at a local scrapyard but it was in rough shape.
I have a spare set in my garage, but I'll be holding onto them for a little bit
Can always just say screw it and get a custom set, though I did see a set of ZQ8 wheels on ebay Not sure if I have ever seen a set on a extreme

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Welcome to the forum Steve!!

Nick C.
Those are just the 17" Zq8's. I work at a Chevy Dealership. The Extremes, Brand New, would cost me $428.40 each(with my employee discount). And thanks guys!
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