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Wheel chop please!

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Was wondering if someone can chop the rt6 off the black xtreme onto my truck. They are both 18" on both trucks if that helps!

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Truck

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Do it Kyle!
Do it Kyle!
I 2nd that!
Going to pick them up on Thursday :Kiki:

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they will look dope.......Boyd will be proud of you
@blurred @comdrop9073
I would also get those 235/40/18 tires u were talking about. U will more then likely have to pull the bedsides. i think u did that already thou
Actually Boyd will be irritated since someone else just offered to pick up the Titans. :lol:

Though, it will look good.
Already pulled my bedsides a lot. Will have to pull my front fenders though. And sorry Boyd :Kiki: if I ever sell them I'll give you first dibs lol.

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Those are going to look great!

Also, this thread is full of sexy sig after sexy sig :bestest:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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