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Wife's "new" ride...

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So, we got rid of the Durango. She said the D was too long for her. :kiki:

But, seriously, she said it was too long. She also wanted 3rd row seating and some bucket seats for the second row. She has loved her friend's Explorer since the day she saw it and has brought it up a lot more recently, so I did some searching.

Found one in Mt. Juliet, a Tuxedo Black 2013 Explorer Sport. Not a bad little SUV if you ask me. Didn't have the 2nd row buckets, but that should be something easy to modify if I cannot find. The second row is a 60/40... so yeah.

Here are a few photos:

Yup, looks about like all the other black Explorer Sports out there in this body style. But, she's fine with that as it's her vehicle.

But, as soon as I got home, my OCD kicked in a bit and I went to work on it.

The top of the "lip" on the back bumper was beat to high hell by the previous owners, so I sanded it down and buffed it out.

The back pillars (and paint) was swirled as well, and even in the overcast cloudy daylight I could see this... which annoyed me. So I buffed that out too.

Right now I have half of the SUV cut/buffed and need to do the other half and get it looking as good as the above pictures. Once that is done, I'll be able to lay down a coat of wax to make this thing shine and sparkle in the sunlight.

Only real plans for this thing would be to swap the 60 portion of the 2nd row with a bucket seat, though that seems to be one of the "hard to find" things as I have been reading. If I can't find it, I'll just chop the seat up if I can to make it into a bucket.

Thought I might paint the calipers red, just to spruce things up a little more. Trying to convince her that the SPORT badge on the back needs to go, but doubt I will win that one. Oh, the emblems, they will probably be blacked out as well. The blue doesn't look right on this thing.

Other than that, I just need to learn some stuffs and things about these neat little SUVs.

So yeah, that's the nut's shell.
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I like the new body style, it doesnt look as bulky as previous years, but good lookin suv
My favorite look about it is the wheels !!
Not a ford fan ...but that is a nice set of wheels ...IMO
Tell her congrats on the new ride !!:salute:
I thought that the Exploder and Durango were pretty much the same size length wise :shrug:
Nope, explorer is actually short by a noticeable amount. Fits in the garage and I can walk all around it with the door closed where with the Durango I could only walk around the front or back depending on how it was parked.
Nice ride
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a Colorado and an explorer
Lucky lady...that's a sweet ride and one of the more popular SUV's on the market. Congrats!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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