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Will these wheels fit?

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I have a 2004 z71 Rado. Method double standards 15x8?
The bore on the new wheel is 108mm and bolt pattern is 6x5.5.
I shouldnt have problems right?

Link:15x8 Method 304 Matte Black MR30458055524N
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Should fit just fine
Excellent! You've got new wheels that fit.
These are also 3.6" backspaced? They don't have one with less?
Kinda confused on what you're asking! Haha But I do believe the double standards have 3.5 inches of backspace.
Your other thread about those wheels states they do not fit.

This thread is asking about the same wheel if it fits and it does.

So you have new wheels?
Then I was asking if they had different offsets available. IF you are getting new ones....
Ah yes. The shop said these wheels do not fit when I was getting them put on. So I was going to post this to see what people say because the specs of this wheel are correct and should fit. So i asked as if I don't have these so people would check the specs. I think the place I took them to were putting them on wrong somehow hahaha.
These are the same wheels as my other thread.^
Okay cool. Two threads for the same wheel and the same question confused me.
How the hell is a shop not capable of bolting on a wheel?

There's something either wrong with the wheels, or wrong with the shop.

FYI: When I ordered my Boss 330's the company asked me what they were for. I said an '09 Colorado. I had to sign a no return agreement because their system said they wouldnt fit. Well they bolted right up.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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