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Torsion bar cranking isn't an exact science. The amount of lift achieved is directly related to the amount of sag your torsion bars have experienced. One person will achieve more/less than another based on the condition of their torsion bars at time of installation.

Also, a good solid number for maximum height (not by lift standard) is to measure from the center of the front wheel hub to the fender lip. Stop lifting when you reach 24". If your torsion bars have hardly sagged, you may get barely over 2" and done. If you'e way sagged out, you can use the potential built into the new key and achieve nearly the 3".

So if you sit at 22" right now, no you won't get 3" because that will exceed the limitations of the front geometry design. Disclaimer - yes you can go that high but you will not have any suspension articulation (it will bounce off the ground). Your ball joint will bind against the UCA resulting in near-future cracks and excessive axle wear.
I have slightly exaggerated - but not really.
Why should you stop at 24” ?
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