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So I just picked up the 05 Xtreme from Detriot April 19th. Purchase was made via Ebay with 143K miles, everything working, new Pirelli tires, all stock.

4/19/13 - So I made it home this morning from Detroit (did make some stops in the motor city including American Coney Island & Lafeyette - for their hot dogs then visited the Henry Ford museum for the Rouge Factory Tour where they build the Ford F150s) and the truck ran smooth with no hesitation but there is just a slight rotating type noise - maybe a joint is bad, rotors need to be cut, or some suspension item worn, or wheel/tire imbalanced? The truck did not show any vibration at the steering wheel or body from 0 mph - 80 mph so its alil strange. Also upon pick up I did see a check engine light which did not go away - I checked the code later today and it stated P0128 for thermostat cold state. I cleared the code so we'll see if it comes back.

I did have one major shocking incident to share - at about 1:30am while driving through western PA on I80 at 67 mph about 20-30mins west of/before Exit 232 Buckhorn / Bloomsburg, I had my left arm on the steering wheel and there was no vehicle around or in front of me. Out of the darkness something hits my windshield and shatters the left side of it and I get hit with glass/wind all over and something hits my left forearm. I sway left and right in adjacent lanes for a couple of seconds as I gain my composure and then assess the situation - I did not see anything roll over my vehicle or glass, I don't feel blood or flesh, I don't hear a animal in the car. So I'm pretty much ok - I keep driving because I don't want to sit on the side of the road with vehicles whizzing by. Plus I needed clear tape to tape up the windshield so I drive cautiously 20-30mins to Exit 232 where there is a Pilot truck stop/station. I pull up under a parking lot light and see all the glass all over the place then look at my brusied and scratched left forearm and hand. I taste glass also. Come out look around my seat then behind my seat I see a rock. Pick it up and it is a jagged over 1-2 pound rock. I was glad this missed my face by 8" and hit my forearm.
I called PA State Police who were on the scene in 20mins to report the incident and they agreed that this rock was not picked up and flung by a vehicle's tires as it is too large and heavy. I did not have any vehicles to the side of me or in front of me when the rock hit. I do not recall seeing a over pass but it was dark and I am not always noticing over passes so it is possible it came dropping from an over pass whether accidental, by a human, or act of god. It's just scary if someone intentionally flung this onto the road to hit a vehicle at 1:30am. This could have caused a serious injury or car crash. But I am glad I and the truck made it back safely after 14 hours on the road instead of 10 as planned. Now I just have to deal with the windshield replacement.

4/22/14 - Windshield replaced with AP Technologies windshield (OEM for this vehicle). Former broken windshield was a PWG which was also a replacement at some point.

20" BOSS (American Eagle) wheels have arrived! My first upgrade!
Made in USA and can't beat the price. Quality US made wheel at made in China or Philipines prices. So much better than China or other half arse made wheels.

5/1/14 - Tires ordered! The G-MAX AS-03 is General Tire's Ultra High Performance All-Season tire. I wanted to go with a Ultra high performance summer only tire but figured for a truck I might as well give these high performance all-season tires a try plus the 480 thread wear rating is alot better than the 300 or less thread ratting of most high performance summer tires.
Front - 255/35ZR20 General G-MAX AS-03
Rear - 275/30ZR20 General G-MAX AS-03
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