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Wisconsin Random Chat

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thought i would get this group started up since WI is having a growing number of members coming on here. thought might as well get us all together in one place. this way it is easier to get local meets started and what have you.

soo :welcome: grab an ice cold beer and some cheese curds and make yourself at home!!!
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hey mark:wavey:
thought i'd bump this thread.... seemed a little dead
yeah just a little. so did you order the tickets yet? and we need to get some more members from the wi355 out to the shop. maybe when john comes up to notch the frame we can get a meet together since joe might tag along.
sounds fun
:wavey:welcome to the wi355 I'm nick
And Im the nation pain in your ass kinda guy :lol: the names channing. How be ya northerner
It's freezing outside, but then again, so is anything under 70. At least it doesn't smell like smoke anymore.
very true, very true.

welcome aboard :wavey: im Mark
Do you guys do any trail riding anywhere? I'm still sitting stock height, but I'd like to go play on some trails or something.

Also, are you guys on facebook? I find that more convenient sometimes.
I am as well as mark. I want to find places to go as well. I just can't get wild cause I can't break her too bad lol
i like to go trail riding. i think pipeline is all closed up for the year. then there is apple valley out in eau claire but im not sure when they are open/ close. then there is a big party in cedarburgh sometime in october i think. but now sure when.

im not to worried about breaking anything :D i finally have money again so i need a tranny for teh mud truck and acouple other thing and shes back up and runnign again.

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In works of creatating the Dells Automotion weekend 1st annual Kustoms in motion car show. Figured since newer vehicles can't enter why not have a seperate custom one. Theirs a 4x4 class and a chevy minitruck class.
ummm more info on this.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ like right now:D i would defently be down for a show. ill shock the 4x4 class:naughty:
Damn where has everyone been? We need to get this going again. :thumbup:
i've been busy looking for jobs to help me get my colorado, i got lucky and found one in Manitowoc at broadwind energy(tower tech). I start janurary 10th. their has been no updates for the kustoms in motion car show in the dells and 85% sure it probably won't happen.
well thats good that you found a job finally, cant even imagine what ppl are going thru that dont have a job right now. but just keep us posted on the car show. and even if you dont have a 355 your more then welcome to come out to a meet or just to hang out at the garage.:thumbup:

i dont have a colorado any more so its no big deal
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