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Wtb xtreme chrome grill trim

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Looking for a set of chrome trim on the xtreme grill, need 3 of the four pieces all except the top left piece but will purchase an entire set if someone has one. Thanks
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Xtreme trim is only 3 pieces: top left, top right, and the bottom "u" shaped piece.
I guess I'm looking for the lower piece and the upper right piece
You can buy them from the dealer. im not sure to many people have them laying around.
The GM accessories grille is basically the same as the extreme grille. Only difference is the accessories mesh is Chrome and WAY cheaper. I paid $140 for mine. Just a heads up if you wanna go that route.

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How about a whole front grille in chrome with these trim parts?

Hate to thread jack but....

Will these pieces work on a regular grille?
Nope, you need to whole grill. The mesh part of it is different so that the trim pieces can fit.
Those pieces aren't cheap either
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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