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Yakima Roof Rack

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Want to buy used or new Yakima Roof Rack with or without front fairing. See picture. I believe they are the Q14 clips and 42" crossbars. If anyone is wanting to sell hit me up. 785-3zero5-197one

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I have the fairing(NIB) which is the 36" and Q14 clips (used)

Yes, the crossbars are 44" for the 355s
@1BADI5 You selling? I'm in the Kansas City area for shipping 64030

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I owe one other member @NotFast a quote first.............if that falls through I'll let you know

The good thing about the cross bars..........the longer ones are always on sale and cheaper then the 44s. I got a set of the 65" bars for like $40 NIB w/free shipping. I made the measurements and put my handy chop saw to work!

Another price saving tip. The Yakima end caps for the bars..........they charge like $20-40 for them. Well I went to the plumbing section at Lowe's and got some Copper plumbing caps for $10 for all 4; You will need to 1" caps
The Yakima Q-Tower go for $150-200 for the set online

I got mine used on eBay for $100 w/free shipping; lightly used (only 2 winters on them)
I'm still waiting on pics but you can go ahead and sell it. @1BADI5
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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