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Here we go...
2005 crew I5 4x4
150k miles

Stock front end/tires/rims, I am ripping apart the front early June.

Tie Rods
Moog ES80761
Moog Ev80433

Ball Joints
Moog K80984
Moog K80997

Dura International 295-15111 Front Right Hub Assembly
Dura International 295-15110 Front Left Hub Assembly

I'll also be replacing at least the passenger side front axle seal which is leaking.
If any of that looks off please let me know.

While I'm at it, the tires are shot, 50K on them, might as switch it up.

Looking at Black Rock 997 Type 8 Steel 17x8 4.5"BS
To fix my sagging rear I was going to install Skyjacker CCR25S 4" Softride Leaf Springs
Rancho Front and Rear shocks
RS5375 and RS5301

With just some cranking of the Torsion bars mainly to level out the rear, what tire will fit without cutting/smashing anything?

32x10.5? So 265/70R17? Will that fit fine on that rim?

If I did a 1.5" body lift would that be worth it in anyway besides looks?
Difficulty is 9 years of winter weather. Not sure if the bolts will come out.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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Body lift won't be needed unless you want to. Might need lift keys or new torsion bars to get level after replacing the leafs.

Front differential drop and ball joint flip would be a good idea
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