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Zero_182's SAS/SOA Build Thread

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Decided to finally start a build thread on my truck. There's been a lot of changes through out the time I've owned it. Now I'm about to start a huge solid axle swap project, as well as convert to a spring over axle setup in the rear, and I wanted to share with everyone my progress as I go. Here is my current setup:

2007 Chevrolet Colorado LT Z85
3.7L Inline5 4X4

K&N Cold Air Intake
SuperModulation's Ported Throttle Body
SuperModulation's SuperSparkz Upgrade
Magnaflow Dual Cat Back Exhaust
PCM4Less Tune
Second Cat Delete

Tuff Country 4" Suspension Lift
PA 3" Body Lift
Suspension Maxx Torsion Keys Cranked Level
Suspension Maxx 2" Rear Shackles
Dick Cepek DC2 Rims
31x10.05x15 Adventuro Mud Terrains

DKM Ignite Green Headlight & Turn Signal Reflectors
Green Plastidipped Bowtie
Iron Cross HD Steps
Custom Canyon Grill With Billet Insert & Bowtie
6000k DDM Tuning HID's In Low Beams
6000k DDM Tuning HID's In Fog Lights
Dark Tinted Front Driver/Passenger Side Windows
Lower Valence Removed
Pocket Style Bolt Flares
3rd Brake Light Flip & Tint
DDM LED Reverse Light Bulbs
DDM LED Cargo Light Bulbs

Kenwood DDX318 Touch Screen Deck
DKM Ignite Green HVAC Knobs
2-10" Hertz Shallow Mount Subs Under Rear Seat
Kenwood Amplifier
Custom LED Dome Light

Over the next while I'll be updating this thread as my SAS/SOA build starts coming together. Can't wait to get rolling and show off my truck as things start to take shape.


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Its nice to see another SAS going down. Im currently in the funding stage myself.
I've been doing a ton of research over the last few months and chatting up the SAS conversion thread a lot. I've also been slowly gathering all my parts for the build, think I've got about 90% of what I need.

Grabbed myself a GM Corp 10 bolt front axle out on an 85 Blazer a few weeks back and have been slowly rebuilding it. Wanted to go with something narrower but couldn't find much for cheap and didn't want to bother with narrowing, so full size it is. I'm almost all done rebuilding it, just have a few small things to do till it's ready to go in.

As for the build, I'm going with a mixture of parts from Sky Manufacturing, WFO Concepts, and Trail-Gear. Got my front hanger/crossmember and shackles/mounts from WFO, as well as a bunch of other random parts, got most of my steering parts from Sky, and leaf springs from Trail-Gear.

I head back to work tomorrow for 2 weeks so updates might be a bit slow until I'm home next days off, but I will keep everyone updated as much as I can.

Can't wait to start tearing things apart! It's so close:th_woot:


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I might be interested in the lift if your looking to sell it
I've been super busy lately and havent updated things in awhile. I've got both axles ready to be swapped in, front from an 85 K5 Blazer and rear from an 01 Silverado 1500. It's got disc brakes all around and I'll be regearing both to 4.88 gears. Front is going to be on 4" trail gear leafs set up for crossover steering powered by a mid 90s toyota steering box. Also just picked up some 35x12.5x18 BFG All Terrain KO2s and now just waiting on my KMC XD series 18x9 Addict rims to show up. Jacked the truck up today and got the front end on blocks and wheels off, gonna really get going tomorrow and tear it all out. The first cuts going to be tough but I can't wait for the final result in the end, trucks gonna be huge:th_woot:


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Wish me luck...


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Over the last couple days I've managed to tear everything out, things came out surprisingly easy. I've got almost everything cut off and cleaned up, passenger side needs a bit more work. Rims finally showed up so I got my tires mounted and balanced yesterday. I wanted to put them on the axle and roll it under the truck today but realized I'm going to have to jack the truck up higher, the stands I built are too short. I put the axle under there anyways on jack stands cause I'm way too impatient to see how it looks, so it's in no final position quite yet. Here's a couple pics, not sure how much more I'll get done before I fly back to work Monday, hopefully get everything ready for welding before I leave.


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Set things in place a little more precisely today, also got the front hanger clamped in basically the exact spot it needs to be. Will double check everything before I get it all welded up. This is probably all that'll be done untill I get on days off again. Eventually I'll get to spring over axle swapping the rear, the new axles all ready and just waiting till it's time to go in. Think I'll have the whole project wrapped up next days off if all goes well. The part I'm most excited for is once both axles are in I can get the truck sitting on its new rims and tires, can't get enough of these new rims :D


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In for updates!
Abit of an update, got everything fully cut and ground out in the front end, all surfaces are prepped and awaiting welding on monday. Sorted out my power steering lines, but still won't have the toyota box mounted till monday also. Basically the front end is on hold now untill I get my leaf spring mounts welded in, and once that happens everything should be pretty quick to complete. In the meantime I started some work on the rear. Got the stock axle out completely and the new one sitting under the truck. Going to pick up new ubolts tomorrow then bolt it in, run my new brake lines, then throw on my tires. Pretty sure my driveshaft is to short now tho so I'll have to sort out that issue pretty quick. All in all things are going pretty good?


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Anyone know is it pretty easy for a shop to lengthen a driveshaft? or know of any other vehicles with driveshafts that would work instead?


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Anyone know is it pretty easy for a shop to lengthen a driveshaft? or know of any other vehicles with driveshafts that would work instead?
I would think it would around $100 or less to have it lengthened but I have no personal experience with that. Also the u-joint size might be bigger as well. Looking good so far though. I'm liking it.
pure awesome! i love the height! suscribed:drinking28::popc:
pure awesome! i love the height! suscribed:drinking28::popc:
It's on blocks still, not even sitting on it's suspension, so it's going to be taller then that?
It's on blocks still, not even sitting on it's suspension, so it's going to be taller then that?
35s? yea i think you should of went 37s with that much height. you could clear them all day!
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