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Zq8 rims with tps sensors

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Bought these wheels off another member recently, just testing the waters seeing what I can get for them. They're not really my style, was looking to buy somthing different. Just the rims are for sale not the tires. They are literally in perfect condition last time I checked. No scuffs scratches or wear at all! Text me for more pictures! 508-846-1976. It's easier to get a hold of me through text too. Thanks!


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Wish you where closer my friend is looking for a set
I can ship them, might only be 100$ to ship or less
What you asking?
Really just looking for offers, I've seen them worth 300 in bad shape and these are perfect.
I don't see them going for much more the $400 regardless of condition unless they come with really good tires. Even still I think the highest priced set I've seen is $500 with tires
Yea Im just selling the rims with the tps sensors no tires trying to buy a set of XD addicts
I'd like 400$ for em with the sensors
Price and shipping + tires it be to much thanks I will keep looking closer to me thanks
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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